About Pamela

I am a transpersonal counselor and educator who has been in private practice in Seattle for 19 years. I specialize in holistic counseling for depression and anxiety, conflict and trauma resolution, personal growth, and spiritual inquiry, along with Gottman Couples Therapy, several models of hypnotherapy, and The Work of Byron Katie.

Transpersonal psychology, sometimes referred to as “spiritual psychology,” focuses on humanity’s highest potential and recognizes that whenever healing or transformation occurs, something greater than ourselves has been part of the process. It is not religious or concerned with any specific beliefs or teachings. It is also minimally concerned with diagnosis, focusing instead on seeing the whole person, rather than a set of symptoms, and helping them to overcome problems and move forward into a more fulfilling life.

Along with my professional training, I am a graduate of Byron Katie's The School for The Work, and often find it helpful to include The Work in client sessions. The Work has been shown to be a remarkable resource for people suffering with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, relationship and self esteem concerns, trauma resolution, and myriad other life issues. Stanford psychologist David Wise, Ph.D., and urologist Rodney Anderson, M.D. write: 'The best form of Cognitive Therapy, in our opinion, is offered in The Work of Byron Katie, who provides an approach to disarming catastrophic thinking by means of a process that one can do oneself. This is the approach that we recommend.' More information is available at www.TheWork.com

I also offer client-centered coaching services for individuals, start-up businesses, and corporations.

I am a Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy with the American Psychotherapy Association, and hold certifications in many other models of therapy and hypnotherapy. I am registered as a Counselor by the Washington state Department of Licensing.

My practice is part of Heartspring Associates, a group of holistically and transpersonally-oriented wellness professionals.

If you'd like to explore how my work could be of specific help with whatever you are currently experiencing, please call me at 206-547-4064. I'd be happy to have a conversation with you, tell you more about my work, and, if you'd like, learn more about you.

I believe I can't help a client go further than I am willing to go myself. As a practitioner, it is crucial that I stay committed to my own inner work in order to be an ethical and effective resource for my clients. I embrace the perspective that views the therapeutic relationship as a partnership rather than a hierarchy, and have adopted Irwin Yalom’s wise belief, “It’s the relationship that heals” as my professional mantra. I believe that this therapeutic relationship allows both client and therapist to access inner wisdom in the pursuit of wellness, and see my role as helping a person to connect to their own inner resources and answers. I am able to see my clients’ wholeness even when they are struggling to work through their issues. It is an honor to witness and assist a person's rediscovery of that wholeness.



       Pamela Grace, MH, DAPA, 1914 N. 34th Street, Suite 400, Seattle 98103 206-547-4064