Of the many definitions of counseling, the two that seem
most accurate to me describe counseling as a helping
relationship, and a process of facilitated change.
Deciding to seek counseling is often the first step in change.

People come into counseling with me for many reasons.
Some of them are:

   • To better understand and solve problems in their lives

   • To improve their relationships with others or with themselves

   • To learn to better express themselves by being in a safe, supportive,
       collaborative and non-judgmental environment

   • To identify, sort-out, and clarify their problem laden past
       experiences and learn to create wholesome future experiences

   • To identify non-helpful thinking and behavior patterns and learn
       more helpful coping skills

   • To achieve goals that are important to them in areas of relationship,
       family, finances, career, health, spirituality

   • To improve their self concept, develop a sense of meaning and
       connection in their lives

In counseling we look for what we find good in ourselves. The good can be used as a model for the things we would like to change. One my ultimate goals as a counselor is to help clients recognize and accept their own internal worth and become congruent with who they really are in their essence – valuable, loving people. I help people connect to inner resources for whole-hearted living.

I specialize in holistic approaches to depression and anxiety, stress management and relief, conflict resolution, trauma recovery and resolution, life transition issues, and spiritual exploration and deepening.

As well as counseling, I practice hypnotherapy, Gottman Couples Therapy, and as a graduate of Byron Katie's The School for the Work, often include The Work in sessions with clients.


Sessions, Fees, and Insurance

The first counseling session is 90 minutes to complete a thorough intake and comprehensive information gathering. Subsequent sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on prevalent issues. Telephone or Skype counseling sessions are 60 minutes.

My counseling rate is $120 per hour for adults, $125 per hour for children, due at the time of service. I provide a monthly statement for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement. Most insurance will reimburse 50% to 85% of my fees, provided your policy allows you to obtain services out of network.

Self Assessment Resources:

Depression Symptom Checklist

Anxiety Self Test

The Work of Byron Katie

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