I am a three-time graduate of The School for the Work of Byron Katie, and in 2009 was invited to bring The Work to Rwanda to facilitate reconciliation and forgiveness between genocide survivors and perpetrators. I incorporate The Work into all of my groups and workshops. The Work is a simple, elegant, and very accessible process of self-inquiry that guides people to clarity and peace. More information about The Work can be found at www.TheWork.com


The Work as Meditation
Meditation has long been known as simple and powerful method for experiencing relaxation, clarity, expanded awareness, spiritual connection, and inner peace. The Work of Byron Katie is a simple, elegant process of self-inquiry that is frequently hailed for bringing about the same results. This six week group combines the classic meditation models of Mindfulness, breath, and visualization with the The Work to help students learn how to move into peaceful self exploration and reliable connection to inner resources. No experience with meditation or The Work is needed.

Wednesday mornings
11:15 AM - 12:45 PM
June 10 - July 16
Limited space available, please call or email to register.

  E.A.S.E. - Easing Anxiety Symptoms Effectively
While anxiety is the most common psychological complaint presented to therapists, it is also the most treatable. National Institute of Mental Health studies estimate that over 90% of anxiety sufferers will make a good recovery, given they receive the appropriate help. Yet sadly, the same studies suggest that only 1 person in 4 will actually receive the help they need. This 6-week group teaches self-soothing techniques, and relaxation and behavioral strategies to reduce anxiety and regain peace of mind. Techniques will include breathwork, visualization, imagery, The Work of Byron Katie, and group support in a small, safe environment.

6 weekly 90-minute meetings.
Please call or email to join the next scheduled group.
       Pamela Grace, MH, DAPA, 1914 N. 34th Street, Suite 400, Seattle 98103 206-547-4064