Pamela Grace’s acclaimed Healing Money

What if everything you believe about money is wrong?

For many successful people, a comfortable and healthy relationship with money seems to be an elusive goal. They have mastered success in creating work that they love, or forming healthy and loving relationships, or maintaining radiant physical, mental and spiritual health, but freedom from financial worry seems impossible. It's almost as if these otherwise successful people were allergic to money - having more than a little of it causes an uncomfortable outbreak. For some the outbreak is the sudden disappearance of money to an unexpected expense, but it can also show up as fear of money, confusion about how to handle money, over-frugality, hoarding, or avoidance of money altogether. By discovering money’s Sacred Role you can heal money-allergic beliefs, uncover your High Holy Dream, and embrace a powerful spiritual partnership with money.

“The class is amazing - I learned so much! I still use the $ prayers and intentions and have continued to use a lot of the knowledge I found in your teachings. Blessed be- Thank you!” —Cassandra Field, Boulder, CO

What if everything you have been taught or have come to believe about money is wrong?

Healing Money is taught as a 10-week spiritually oriented workshop or a 3-day intensive that provides the means for dramatic breakthroughs in your relationship with money. Through in-depth self-discovery, group process, and radical paying, spending, saving, and giving practices, you will discover money's Sacred Role, uncover your High Holy Dream, and learn to embrace the union of your own personal power with the power of money and the power of Spirit.

“Friends, I must pass this on to you. I have taken Pamela's Healing Money course and it has changed my life!. In the past year I have transformed my relationship with money. My husband and I are well on our way to manifesting our dreams without creating lots of debt to go with it.” —Julie Charette Nunn, Whidbey Island, WA

Healing Money will also transform your relationship with yourself, your work, and the people in your life, and the world. As you uncover your High Holy Dream and allow it to guide you into a well-lived abundant life, personal vibrancy and authenticity flourish and creativity abounds.

“I knew this class would help me change some very deeply ingrained beliefs about money. What I did not know was how my beliefs about myself and my place in the world would also shift. I am coming to understand how we think about money is interconnected with how we view the world. Thank you for providing a supportive environment that enables so much growth.” —Jane Tornatore, PhD, Seattle, WA

Healing Money $395

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“I wanted to thank you again for such a powerful experience
in the Healing Money workshop. It will stay with me and
grow stronger for the rest of my life.”

—Tom Donnelly, Seattle

“I now understand generosity, Spirit, wealth, and my
High Holy Dream in ways that have changed my life.
A thousand thanks, Pamela!”

— JT, Seattle


Participant perspectives

Your class was an amazing experience for me. (Just in case you haven't gotten enough people telling you that!) I no longer experience the anxiety I used to over money. I apply on a daily basis what you gave to us last summer. Thank you! —Christy Fisher, Seattle, WA

Originally, I was interested in taking the 'Abundance' class because it would add another dimension to the training courses I’d already taken. I was unprepared for how the principles, when lived daily, could transform my life. As a healthy, successful man in my early 60’s, I have accomplished most of the things I wanted to in my life. I have a beautiful, loving family; I have a lucrative, profitable business; I have friends and hobbies that keep me active. What I hadn’t realized is that I’d quit dreaming—quit looking for new challenges—which is the spark of every day excitement. Through this course, I found that my desires keep me alive, and desire is the foundation of a healthy life for me.
—Jay Hickson, Atlanta, GA

I learned that what I believe about money determines how I behave with money. We are debt free and steadily building wealth - thank you!
—Sonya Lea, Seattle

Money talks - and since your class it's saying Yes!
—VC, Seattle

Being raised on welfare, I came into the class hardly daring to believe in my own dreams. In the past two weeks I have creatively raised 2.25 million dollars to fund a film project! So the massage therapist/actress who took two of the money classes back to back is now a film producer because I learned that money comes from the Divine Source, and how to hold my dreams and be responsible to myself where money is concerned. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
—DD, New York City

"We bought a house!"
—MM, Snoqualmie


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